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iScope and Matlo work together to make strategic intelligence easy to understand.

Strategic intelligence solution publisher, iScope, and business intelligence solution publisher, Matlo have worked together for many years and are now teaming up to offer an innovative solution for the entire intelligence sector.


Since 2015, these two companies have pooled their skills and worked together to meet the new expectations of their clients. iScope maps strategic environments in order to collect requirements before a project, whereas Matlo, formerly Atelier Iceberg, is developing a data design approach that places users rather than data at the heart of data analysis. For the past two years, they have worked with clients such as Air Liquide or Engie to help them understand strategic data.


They are now teaming up to present a new offer for the intelligence market. Their shared system integrates  Matlo’s data visualisation dashboards into the information chain of KeyWatch, iScope’s strategic intelligence software. Combining these platforms lets KeyWatch users view their strategic information in interactive dashboards in order to better understand and take on board information from different intelligence activities.


But the partnership between these two companies doesn’t stop here. They also offer joint support to their clients in order to define requirements for data collection, analysis and feedback prior to projects, using their own mapping or design methods.


“Along with Matlo, we are proud to be one of the first intelligence firms to integrate data design and data discovery techniques into our intelligence processes.”

LAURENCE MARCELLI, Co-founder of iScope and Research Manager


This partnership has the ambitious aim of extending access to strategic information to a wider community, no longer just to intelligence professionals. iScope has become one of the first strategic intelligence companies to use data design to target all sectors.


In order to respond to developments in the information environment, the two companies offer their clients customised support tailored to their digital transition by formally identifying their needs before structuring an intelligence and analysis plan. Furthermore, by integrating data visualisation into the data processing chain, users can handle and use their information, becoming more independent in understanding and reading their data.


“This first joint offer from the companies brings data discovery onto the specific intelligence market. This reflects Matlo’s ethos of working with business experts.” 

THOMAS BUSSON, Chairman and Co-founder of Matlo


This new joint offer will be officially launched during a conference on “Data visualisation for strategic intelligence: iScope and Matlo pool their know-how” on Wednesday 30 March 2017 at the Documation trade fair. Join us at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles – Hall 2.2 – Exhibitor Workshop 3 on 30 March at 10:30am


iScope is an intelligence software publisher. For over fifteen years, iScope has been developing its strategic intelligence platform KeyWatch, integrating the latest technological advances. KeyWatch helps our clients to develop customised intelligence plans for any type of data and to use and distribute the results obtained.


Matlo is a start-up specialised in data discovery, based in Nantes. It publishes a data analysis platform based on data visualisation, supporting its clients through their digital transition via workshops, training and consulting.


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