iScope is a fully independent company which has been managed by software publishing and data analysis experts for over fifteen years. iScope's team is dedicated to implementing a combination of customised solutions to meet our clients' needs in competitive information.

Company founders

Laurence Marcelli

Research Manager

iScope - Laurence Marcelli

Laurence Marcelli studied history before co-founding iScope. She specialises in the design and production of value-added deliverables.

Throughout her career in the civil service and working with private manufacturers and bodies, she has developed expertise in methods and tools for supporting strategic and business intelligence projects.

Thierry Régnier

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

iScope - Thierry Regnier

Thierry Régnier is a computer engineer, who trained at CNAM and obtained a master’s degree in Information and Security before co-founding iScope.

He worked as a researcher at the Centre d’Etudes Supérieures de Défense, an expert in data processing systems at the IAEA (UN), and managed an IT department within the French Government Defence procurement and technology agency.

He designed the core principles of the KeyWatch platform and continues to work with the iScope team on its development.

The iScope team

L'équipe d'iScope

From left to right: Frédéric Datchary, Rémy Marsiglietti, Laurence Marcelli, Alexandre Ragot, Thierry Régnier, Alexandre Sisavanh

Key facts

An independent, efficient and profitable company

iScope SARL was founded in 2000

A multi-disciplinary team

An active network of specialist partners

Around fifty clients across all sectors and professions

Over 100 intelligence projects completed

2,000 users connected

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