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As a software editor, iScope has been developing its KeyWatch platform for more than 15 years. As a pioneer, this business intelligence solution provides companies with optimal control over their environment.

Meeting with Thierry Régnier and Laurence Marcelli, co-founders of iScope.

Internet watch is a real issue today …

It is even vital for companies to anticipate their needs, to keep abreast of the news of their environment in order to understand it better and monitor its evolutions. The mass of information likely to impact their activities is considerable. KeyWatch frees businesses and governments by providing them with a powerful tool for extracting useful information. The time saved is considerable and the result is optimized since KeyWatch is fully customizable. Customers are provided with reliable information and cleaned of unnecessary “noise”. In addition, KeyWatch adapts to issues as diverse as those of the Atomic Energy Commission, Royal Air Maroc or the Urban Community of Strasbourg. And this, with the same efficiency.

KeyWatch offers Dataviz, can you tell us more?

The cells of watch are rare and it is most often the analyst himself who takes care of his internet watch. This implies that the information is quickly readable and exploitable for a result close to the turnkey. We have therefore equipped KeyWatch with the Dataviz tool, which is now popular with our customers. The extracted information is instantly enhanced by its integration on visual aids. The production of newsletters, analysis and presentation documents is quick and easy. With Dataviz, KeyWatch becomes a real decision-making tool.

What are your projects ?

iScope intensively pursues its R & D to offer new features and further improve the performance of KeyWatch. One of our many projects is the redesign of our interface for end users. Always more ergonomic and intuitive, it will be available in the coming months. We also continue to provide training at the Sorbonne and INTD on topics related to methodology and techniques of software use. In addition to exciting meetings, these courses complement our perception of expectations in terms of functionality and use.

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